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Flexible iPad (or iPhone?), Apple works to eliminate the "crease" on the screen

Apple has obtained the patent for a folding device – more precisely, for a hinge that allows you to fold the flexible display without signs being visible – the famous "fold" in the center of the Galaxy Fold screen, for example. It seems that we are more in the iPad territory than in the iPhone, judging from the attached images, but we know that in this type of documentation, details like these are not decisive.

The patent shows that the zipper should widen near the fold line of the device, so that the radius of the fold is not too narrow and that consequently no defects are formed. It is interesting to note that the original patent was filed as far back as 2015, only to be updated a few months ago.

Today the leaflets begin, albeit timidly, to become reality: the Fold was the forerunner, then there was Huawei's Mate X, now it's the turn of the Moto Razr (of which we showed you a first video contact right today) and tomorrow it's up to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. Apple has been "beaten" by the competition, one might say, but it is true that it is very rare that Apple arrives first just to say that it has. Rather, he waits and makes sure that the technology is mature enough to offer a top user experience.

It is interesting to note that already in the Razr the phenomenon of anti-aesthetics (when the light reflects in the right way, at least) fold in the flexible display is significantly reduced, or better, completely unnoticeable. It is desirable that Z Flip will be the same; among other things Samsung has registered the brand "Ultra Thin Glass", so we can also expect a coating more resistant to scratches and bumps.