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Comparison between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S


Here is a detailed comparison between the features of the iPhone 5 and those of the Apple iPhone 4S

Just a few hours ago Apple officially unveiled its new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 handson!

The news compared to the previous model are not so striking, but these are incremental improvements, which however, they allow the iPhone 5 to differentiate itself from the previous model.

After analyzing in detail all the news of new iPhone 5, let's see what are the main differences between the new and the old iPhone model.

Below is one comparison table that compares iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

In this way it will be possible to better appreciate them news introduced by Apple with iPhone 5 compared to the previous iPhone 4S.

As we can see, iPhone 5 does not represent a real revolution compared to the previous model:

  • will always be available in black and white
  • it has a slightly slimmer and elongated design than the previous Apple smartphone
  • will have the same price
  • it will always have 16, 32 or 64Gb of internal memory
  • changes the processor, which doubles as power
  • the display increases to 4 ? but has the same resolution
  • aspect ratio of the display becomes 16: 9
  • 8MP camera but with better performance
  • battery with greater autonomy
  • support LTE networks
  • front camera becomes HD
  • the SIM changes from Micro to Nano

These, in essence, were the main novelties of iPhone 5 compared to iPhone 4S.

At this point I leave you to comparison table between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

If you want to let us know what you think of the new iPhone 5 in this dedicated article:

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