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Automatically shut down and restart your Mac with Simple ShutDown Timer

febrero 10, 2020


Simple ShutDown Timer an excellent program that allows you to shutdown, restart and automatically put your Mac to sleep

Owners of a Apple computer with Mac operating system, I present to you a very useful program.

It's aboutSimple ShutDown Timer, a very light tool that allows you to automatically shutdown or restart your Mac at a set time.

Let's see how it works and what it offersSimple ShutDown Timer.

Automatically shut down and restart your Mac with Simple ShutDown Timer

As we said, the programSimple ShutDown Timer allows you to:

  • turn off your Mac automatically at a set time
  • automatically restart your Mac at a set time
  • put your Mac into Sleep Mode automatically at a set time.

It is a very useful program for all users who, like me, leave their computer on for hours on end, perhaps waiting to finish some important downloads.

The program features a simple, intuitive and pleasant interface, which allows even the less experienced users to make the best use of the software. In a few moments you can program a certain action and your Mac will perform it like a good soldier at the scheduled time.

Simple ShutDown Timer, for, not free, but costs $ 1. A paltry figure if we consider even the electricity that is saved when the Mac is automatically turned off instead of staying on until we return home.

Simple ShutDown Timer it does its job perfectly and doesn't miss a beat.

It will never happen, for example, that the Mac does not turn off or restart at the scheduled time. You tell him what to do, and with Simple ShutDown Timer the Mac does it. In a simple, fast and automatic way.

All you have to do is:

  • choose the time in which to perform the action
  • enter the system admin password
  • wait for the Mac to obey orders.

Simple, easy and fast.

As we said, the Simple ShutDown Timer program offers you the following options

  • shutdown
  • restart
  • sleep (to make the system sleep).

Once the action to be performed is set, the application closes and runs in the background or in the menu bar.

Once the activity has been scheduled, nothing can be changed or overwritten.

Simple ShutDown Timer compatible with Macs, can be downloaded from the address below. If you know other similar utilities, maybe free, report them in the comments and we will be happy to update the article.

Simple ShutDown Timerdownload link


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