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Apple presents the new iPod Touch: photos, features and data sheet


Apple has finally unveiled the new iPod Touch. Let's see together all the features, photos and information on Apple's new iPod Touch.

As previously mentioned, Apple presented its new iPods a few minutes ago.

Let's go and see them together, trying to analyze all the main news introduced by Apple with the new iPod line.

Apple: here is the new iPod Nano

Apple's new iPod Nano looks like a small smartphone.

It is often only 5.4mm, which is 38% thinner than the previous model.

It features a 2.5-inch display and integrates pause / play and forward / backward buttons for music playback.

The display, although very small, supports multitouch.

The new iPod nano will be available in many colors:

The new iPod Nano will also be equipped with bluetooth connectivity. It is an excellent device also dedicated to fitness.

Obviously, the new 9-pin Lightning connector cannot be missing, the same used by the new iPhone 5.

Apple: here is the new 5th generation iPod Touch

Obviously, a new iPod Touch could not be missing.

It will only be 6.1mm thick and weigh only 88 grams. A feather in practice. It is the thinnest and lightest iPod Touch ever.

The display of the new iPod Touch is the same used by the iPhone 5, therefore 4-inch.

The new iPod Touch also features an A5 processor to speed up the execution of games and applications.

Thanks to the new and powerful processor, the 5th generation iPod Touch is able to digest games and programs that in the past could not be started correctly.

The new iPod Touch also improves battery runtimes.

iPod Touch of 5th generation is equipped with a 5MP camera with backlit sensor and focal aperture f / 2.4. There is also an LED flash. The quality of the shots will be really high.

The new iPod Touch can also take panoramic photos, such as iPhone 5.

In addition, iPhoto also becomes compatible with iPod Touch, at least with that of the 5th generation. In this way it will be possible to edit photos immediately after taking them, directly from the device.

To compete directly with digital cameras, the new iPod Touch also offers a wrist strap: here is the iPod Touch Loop.

The front camera records videos in HD at 720p and offers high quality for video calls.

WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity also improve, which supports version 4.0 now.

The new iPod Touch will be compatible with AirPlay mirroring technology: it will be possible to use the device as a controller to play, for example, with the Apple TV.

The new iPod Touch will be compatible with Siri. Siri, therefore, for the first time also works on iPod Touch in an official way.

The new 5th generation iPod Touch will be available in various colors:

Here, to conclude, all the news of the 5th generation iPod Touch.

Apple presents the new earphones for iPhone and iPod

As anticipated in recent weeks, Apple has also presented the new earphones for iPhone and iPod. They are the same that we have already seen in the "stolen" images published online in the past.

The new earbuds are more comfortable to wear and use.

These new earphones have been designed to reproduce sound directly in the ear, thus reducing audio dispersion considerably.

Apple's new headphones are available for everyone starting today. Those who purchase a new iPod Nano, iPod Touch or iPhone 5, however, will find them already in the package of the product purchased (it seems to me the minimum).

To conclude, here are the prices and availability of the new Apple iPod line.

The new iPod Touch and iPod Nano will arrive in October. The prices are:

  • $ 49 for 2GB iPod Shuffle
  • $ 149 for 16GB iPod Nano
  • $ 299 for the new 32Gb iPod Touch
  • $ 399 for the new 64GB iPod Touch

The old iPod Touch also remains in the catalog.

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