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Apple confirms: iPhone stocks out of stock (for now)

Apple confirms: iPhone stocks out of stock (for now) logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple confirmed last night that the lack of phones in American online stores due to the depletion of stocks. That what is happening on Internet sales sites is not a short-term maneuver, but the consequence of the exhaustion of warehouses is Cupertino's spokeswoman, Natalie Kerris.

"Currently – Kerris told Bloomberg – we are out of stock." Kerris, while confirming that both the British and the American stores (the only two of Apple to sell iPhones or line) are without iPhone availability, does not answer the most important question, whether Apple intends to restore stocks or not. This theoretically leaves open the possibility that in the next few days the mobile phone may go back on sale on the Internet, but the hypothesis that the situation may normalize still seems distant, given that even in stores the situation is only slightly better. Many stores are in fact devoid of iPhones, as found by some analysts.

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