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Xenium X800 the (possibly) anti-iPhone from Philips

febrero 9, 2020

Xenium X800 the (possibly) anti-iPhone from Philips – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

No technical specifications about network connections, available memory: only a handful of photographs where you can observe an elegant smartphone completely based on a touch interface, except for a couple of buttons located on the perimeter of the device. On all stands the Philips logo, the name of the device would be Xenium X800.

Definitely a little bit to deduce a commitment from the Dutch electronics giant in the smartphone sector and above all in competition with the iPhone.

The news initially appeared on the China Market Intelligence Center CCIDnet website and then taken up by many other sites would be decidedly interesting given that Philips has long since abandoned the mobile phone sector. The fact that the Dutch giant decides to return to cross arms in this niche alone would be news. Beyond the technical specifications of the mobile phone and the intention to challenge iPhone.

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