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The repatriate

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The MacHack conference opens today under the banner of MacOs that was. On the occasion of the inauguration of the popular meeting of the "geeks" of the Mac code, all those who contributed to the creation of the operating system that changed the face of the world of computers will be gathered for the first time in many years. Andy Hertzfeld, Guy 'Bud' Tribble, Randy Wiggington, Bruce Horn, Daniel Kottke, Caroline Rose, Jef Raskin and Bill Atkinson, or the entire team that wrote the original Apple operating system way back in 1984, will all be together on stage for the initial keynote.

"The purpose of this year's conference – says MacHack president – is to search for our roots in relation to our future. We will ask ourselves where we come from and where we will go ?. This proposition is certainly well symbolized by the appearance of the MacOs historical programmers and by the initial conference, in the form of questions and answers, with Steve Wozniack, a real gem since "The Woz" hardly agrees to speak in public about his experience and the his vision of the Mac.In the course of MacHack this year we will speak in many conferences of MacOs X, but the most interesting part of the event will be the competition between the programmers present at the meeting who in 72 hours will have to produce applications of the most disparate types . At the end of the event, the most innovative, curious and efficient will be rewarded by the jury. In MacHack there are representatives of Apple, Microsoft and Metrowerks who will informally answer the programmers present at the event on technical questions.

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