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Software prototypes for iPhone in a few mouse clicks

febrero 9, 2020

Software prototypes for iPhone in a few mouse clicks – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

iRise a company that has been developing tools to build software prototypes for about six years for different platforms and applications: during the Software 2008 event iRise presented its iPhone solution called Simulation Developer Tools Kit or more briefly iPhone SimDK

In practice, thanks to the original solution presented by iRise, it is possible to create prototypes of iPhone programs, with the appearance and functions completely identical to those of a real program, all without writing a single line of code. The creation of the prototype managed by mouse and multimedia links that assign to each key and each link that you want to insert in the program the function or the screen to be displayed. The iRise solution works on a computer: users, programmers and all the people involved in the process of development can simulate the operation of the future application by using the mouse on a large reproduction of an iPhone displayed on the screen. From the initial scroll to unlock the iPhone screen to the scroll of the contact list and the click on the Home button, all simulated in a realistic and accurate way.

The ultimate purpose of this super iPhone simulation and of the applications that can be made for it is soon said. Develop a complex work program that requires the intervention of as many experts as complex software. the entire procedure for large companies and projects can touch considerable figures even before having put their hands on the keyboards. With the iRise tool it is possible to study the user interface, its operation, the requirements for users and also those of the budget by presenting a working prototype without even having to commit a programmer. All of this comes at a price: the iRise environment costs $ 5,000 while the simulation to create prototypes for the iPhone will be available starting May 1 at a price of $ 495.

We recommend viewing this video on this website to all interested parties who want to better understand how iRise works.

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