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Official: iPhone in Italy with Tim and Vodafone

febrero 9, 2020

Now there are also the press releases: that of Tim announcing the landing in Italy of the iPhone and that of Vodafone which, directly from the international branch announces the arrival, as well as in Italy also in nine other countries: Australia, Czech Republic, Egypt , Greece, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey.

No details on submission dates and type of contracts available. No information even on the iPhone model but given the presence of Vodafone (which in Italy does not have an Edge network) it is certain that it will be the 3G version.

Some details can be deduced (or imagined) from a phrase reported in the Vodafone press release from which we learn that with the purchase you will get a "version usable on your networks", like saying that it will be a blocked version. This probably means that the phones sold by the operators (and this could also apply to Tim) will be kept bound to the networks of the operator who sells them.

In practical terms it can therefore be assumed that the iPhones sold by Tim and Vodafone will be with carrier lock; if the rumors circulating on the Internet prove correct, Apple will sell an unlocked version, perhaps through its sales circuit, usable with any operator. The difference between the two phones will probably be in the price: discounted the one sold by the operators, at full price what if, if there was a response to the hypothesis of the unlock, it will be sold directly by Apple.

It remains to be seen what the cost of the phone will be. There is persistent talk of a 499 and a 399 euro iPhone, but Macity also had information on a 599 euro model. Are we talking about the price in the Tim and Vodafone stores and the price in the Apple stores? Or in the shops the cost will be even lower than 499 and 399 euros (due to the subsidies) and, given that 599 euros are a wrong entry, 499 and 399 euros will be the cost of the unlocked phone? We just have to wait.

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