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NBC: Complete episodes of The Office and 30 Rock for iPhone and iPod touch

febrero 9, 2020

NBC: complete episodes of The Office and 30 Rock for iPhone and iPod touch – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The NBC show returns to Apple's sphere, but not via iTunes, but via iPhone. The creation of a special section of the American mobile network site containing some episodes of two successful series such as Office and 30 Rock comes surprisingly given the contrasts between the company led by Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC, and Apple. Even more surprising is the fact that they are episodes in QuickTime, completely free, complete and even without advertising.

The videos can be viewed directly on the iPhone and also on the iPod Touch by starting browsing with Safari at the address: At that point you are projected on a site designed specifically for iPhone. In most cases, a single episode divided into several short-term films, in any case, these are complete and unadvertised episodes in a not very high resolution and in any case lower than the maximum obtainable on Cupertino touch devices.

Interesting detail: the episodes during our test were also visible from our location which, as imaginable, is located on the Italian network. Normally this type of service is inhibited to anyone who makes a request from outside the US; for example, the same episodes can also be viewed from Mac but in this case they include commercials and are not accessible from Italy. It is not clear if as regards the iPhone episodes it is a server error, a temporary phase or if the policy normally followed by NBC and other American networks that make streaming videos available on their sites has not been changed. What is certain that even if you try it with one of the many online emulators, you can also access it from the Web.

Returning to the merit and the most relevant thing, or the "forked" choice, no to iTunes, s to iPhone, it can be thought that the QuickTime movies for the Apple paperbacks are the result of the fact that NBC has to deal with two increasingly popular and popular pocket devices.

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