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MacOs X 10.1 late?

febrero 9, 2020

MacOs X 10.1 late? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

MacOs 10.1 will not be ready for the mid-month Expo. The update, codenamed Puma, at too early a stage of development and less than 15 days are too few to complete the work.This is the content of an indiscretion spread in the last few hours by ThinkSecret which leads to support of its thesis not better specified sources close to Apple.MacOs X 10.1 should be the first update to provide significant changes both to the interface and to the functionality of the new operating system. These include the ability to play DVDs, a particularly serious shortcoming in user reviews. Among the novelties of Puma also the rewriting of part of the code to increase performance and full support to Airport with an integrated software router.If MacOs X 10.1 really won't be released at the Expo it would be a bad image for Jobs who he always said that DVD playback would be integrated into the OS shortly after release. Likely, according to Think Secrets sources, therefore that DVD support can arrive with MacOs X 10.05 If Puma is not presented at the Expo it could be made public in late August, says Think Secret

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