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Is iPhone 3G subsidized and discounted by At & T?

febrero 9, 2020

The new iPhone could cost At & T customers $ 200 less than it costs today. According to Fortune, the indiscretion leaks from environments close to the same mobile operator.

According to Fortune, the price of the 3G model, for which it is now assumed that it will be released in June, will be a full list of 499 and 399 $, one 16 and one 8 GB but for those who sign a two-year contract the price charged it will be $ 299 and $ 199. According to Fortune, the subsidized phone will most likely be blocked on the At & T network, although from a theoretical point of view the guarantee of a two-year contract would not prevent At & T from selling the discounted and unlocked phone. After all, those who purchase an unlocked cell phone would still be obliged to pay the two-year contract, provided that the sale and the stipulation of the contract and the qualification took place, instead of at the customer's home, in the At & T shop so that no one could leave without having biennial agreement signed.

What seems certain, following the thread of the reasoning of what Fortune says, that even in the US there should be an unlocked version of the iPhone, the one that will cost, in fact, 499 and 399 dollars. It could be sold by Apple itself and, perhaps, also by authorized dealers (but not by other telephony operators other than At & T). Such a policy could satisfy both the need to increase sales volumes and protect Apple's mobile operator partner who would have the possibility of continuing to have a sort of exclusivity.

At first glance it would seem to be the classic "win-win situation", as the Americans define the combination where all the protagonists have to gain.

Customers can choose to pay less for the hardware and go to the manager they prefer or enter into a two-year contract with minimum costs and services guaranteed and included in the price, as well as specifically designed for the characteristics of the iPhone, with a lower initial investment.

At & T can continue to be the only mobile operator authorized to offer iPhones, the only one to have specific dedicated support and the only one to elaborate, thanks to the exclusive, specific offers and to have Visual Mail support. In addition, you may have the opportunity to sell a blocked mobile phone with a mandatory contract, which will make the purchase with unlocking useless. The discount applied will not affect the budget because in essence, more less (perhaps more less than more …), the amount paid to Apple on iPhone Edge contracts.

Apple, for its part, will be able to sell a greater number of mobile phones because being able to offer an unlocked version will multiply the customers involved and will be able to offer the mobile phone even in shops that today cannot sell it. Losing the percentage of profits from managers, but could recover with the largest number of mobile phones sold and, above all, with the percentages on the applications and services that will pass through the App Store and for iTunes which according to most observers represent a fat source of profit for the future, far richer than the guaranteed percentages on traffic collected today. And exponentially increasing customers will also exponentially increase profits on services. Apple could even, at that point, launch iPhone where it wishes, practically all over the world, without the need for a reference manager. The only thing that needs to be done will be to launch the phone on a market, whether it be Chinese or Indian, and let customers "manage" with their mobile operators. Obviously where there were managers with an agreement, customers would be facilitated thanks to dedicated offers and the support of the mobile operator, but in the worst possible situation it would be at the point where they are now where tens (if not hundreds) of thousands are in circulation of unlocked iPhones, with the difference that it would not be necessary to unlock them but only to buy them and at a lower price than what they are offered on the "gray" market today.

Lastly, authorized retailers and large retailers excluded from the iPhone business and who will be able to enter the "tour" not only with the phone, but also and above all with the assistance and supply of accessories, could also gain in the future, it means tapping into billions of dollars in revenue annually on a global scale.

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