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iPhone unlocked, also pays the company that manages the activations

febrero 9, 2020

iPhone unlocked, also pays the company that manages the activations – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

If new evidence was needed that the iPhone unlock phenomenon goes beyond the forecasts, this comes from Synchronoss. The American company that manages the iPhone activations has in fact presented results below expectations.

Syncrhonoss a good indicator of how things are going with the iPhone unlock. Each phone (at least those sold in the US) that is activated passes, in fact, for their servers and for each activation royalties are collected. Obviously when a phone is not activated, there is no payment. For the quarter, the number of iPhones that have been sold by Apple (1.7 million) and that have never appeared on Synchronoss radars must have been very many since the expected profits of 16 cents per share were actually 11.

'The unlocking phenomenon – said CEO Stephen Waldis – is very significant. There is a strong gap between the phones sold and those activated and this situation will continue. " The revenue forecast for the current quarter (which could also be the last with the tight and binding carrier lock) actually indicates a forecast that is well below the forecast: 10/11 dollars per share compared to 19 forecast by analysts and a turnover 25 million dollars instead of 35 million dollars.

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