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iPhone, nothing exclusive in Australia?

iPhone, nothing exclusive in Australia? logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone in Australia will be sold not through a single operator but by multiple mobile operators. This is what the local edition of the C / net technology information site would have learned from reliable sources.

One of the operators to have iPhone will be Optus, due to the vastness of the network and the number of subscribers second only to Telstra. Optus, which also owns the Virgin Mobile brand and also has a business in the TV sector, is expected to announce iPhone in mid-May, before the presentation of the new model of the phone which everyone now sets for WWDC. The launch of the service is expected to take place in the last week of June.

Among the most interesting details is the fact that iPhone will not be exclusive to Optus. The Adelaide company (but controlled by Singapore Telecommunications) would be just one of the operators to have iPhones. The information consistent with what Macworld Australia was the first to argue a few days ago in an article that read that the iPhone would be unlocked and usable on all mobile networks. Basically anyone who controls a cell phone network could have iPhone on their network and if they wish to create an ad hoc plan for it.

Another aspect of interest that Telstra, until recently the main candidate for an agreement with Apple for iPhone, could be out of business for technical reasons. Its 3G network based on 850 MHz technology, while the most common 3G is used by all other Australian but also European operators, on the 2100MHz frequency.

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