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iPhone in Canada since June?

iPhone in Canada since June? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Canada could receive iPhones later this summer. To announce the progress of plans to bring the phone to the great North American country, the Toronto Star. Based on information gathered from sources consulted by The Star, the iPhone could be announced between May and June and, therefore, be made available more or less simultaneously with the launch (expected) of the 3G model and the landing in other European countries that are looking forward to including Italy.

The reference operator should be Rogers, or the main candidate, always, for the launch of the iPhone in Canada. On several occasions the media had indicated Rogers as close to launching the phone on the local market; in at least one case Rogers herself had made it clear that she had an agreement in this sense, even if she had been forced to back down. To block the iPhone landing in Canada, as well as Apple's strategies, the too high rates of data connections via the Internet and the distrust with which Rogers herself guards plans with unlimited data as are those that characterize iPhone in the US.

The situation could be unlocked by two converging factors: the launch of an Umts model of the iPhone and the change of strategy that will probably free the phone from exclusive contracts with the operators. iPhone Edge in Canada is said to be "hostage" to Rogers as its only Edge network. With an iPhone Umts and without carrier lock, everything would be much simpler for Apple; while giving Rogers a competitive advantage of a few months on the phone, a Sim from any operator could end up and therefore Rogers would also have less coercive power on tariffs and marketing methods.

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