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In iPhone Safari will support YouTube video links

febrero 9, 2020

In iPhone Safari will support YouTube video links – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

With the latest version of the iPhone software (iPod Touch), viewing YouTube videos is only possible through the specific application provided by Apple. In fact, the videos and Flash technology are not yet available for Apple paperbacks and are inaccessible while we surf the Web using Safari. But with version 2.0 of iPhone Firmware you will have a small step forward: it will no longer be necessary to resort to the specific application, but you will be able to have a view of the videos directly (even if not inside) from Safari

The solution does not represent a real software for viewing flash movies, but a discreet surrogate that simplifies life. Thanks to the new version of Safari, probably public and available with firmware 2.0, while browsing the Web we can select with a finger the YouTube video that interests us. Safari does not start playing but flows away from the iPhone screen, and most likely also iPod Touch, to make room for the YouTube application provided by Apple which takes care of viewing the movie. The solution (discovered by The Boy Genius Report) is intelligent and considerably improves the navigation and usability of Internet pages, an excellent palliative waiting for Adobe Flash to finally land on the iPhone.

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