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From Flipboard to Zenfeed, the best apps for reading on the move

febrero 9, 2020

The latest addition to the news reader field must make its way through a jungle of fierce opponents. Here are the best

(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)(Photo: Lorenzo Longhitano)

With the arrival of the Italian Zenfeed (iOS) the already crowded landscape of news aggregators is enriched by another competitor. Zenfeed's idea born in Bari two years ago, during Startup Weekend: it is a news reader intelligentcan sort the news by relevance based on your interests. The simple and beautiful interface. Zen, in fact.

But what are the most fearsome rivals that the app born of the young minds of the Italian team will face?

Flipboard (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)At the time of its release on iOS, it had made users fall in love with it graphic setting, inspired by leafing through the pages of a magazine. Now Flipboard one of the most famous names in the field of news apps, also available for Android and Windows Phone and while retaining the setting that made it famous it includes several additional functions, such as a very powerful source search engine that extends also to RSS feeds.

Zite (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)The essential graphical interface of Zite gives the best of itself only on iPad, and among the sources there are those in Italian, but its main resource is engine of recommendations very advanced. Zite understands in a short time what are the news that interests you up to read you practically in thought. For this reason, a few months ago it was acquired by (and will soon merge with) Flipboard.

About (Android, iOS)The originality of Circa's approach lies in the content, rather than in the form. The news is chewed by a staff of editors and are proposed to the reader in a "digested" flow that highlights facts and citations. At the bottom of each piece you always find the original sources and you can subscribe to individual stories to receive updates in the form of notifications. Unfortunately – or fortunately – only available in English.

Pulse (Android, iOS)Like Flipboard, Pulse also impresses with its graphic layout. Scrolling the page vertically you will find different ribbons representing the channels you are subscribed to. You can scroll each of them horizontally, displaying the news in the form of square boxes. The result a mosaic of news extremely customizable, just waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, it requires a Linkedin account for access.

Facebook Paper (iOS)Mark Zuckerberg's attempt to revolutionize the world of mobile news aims to combine the feed of notifications from your contacts with that of news from the rest of the planet. The other aggregators also catch the events from your social networks to give a little pepper to the flow of news and comments from the world. But Paper the social: only an inch swipe separate international facts from your cousin's birthday invitation. The problem? available only in the USA and on iPhone.

Feedly (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web)Its strength is the spread. At the time of the departure of Google Reader, Feedly was able to propose itself as an alternative standard: just sign up with a gmail address and all the content you are subscribed to (rss feed included) becomes available in the cloud and on every browser thanks to the website. Result: third-party applications flock on all platforms, you just have to choose the one you like best.

News Republic (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)Almost baroque, both in the interface and in the offer of functionality and content: news Republic try synthesis of all the best services out there offering an initial page with tiles that can be customized by topic and resizable, a tag cloud navigable with the thumb, a predictive suggestion engine for the articles, different editions selectable by country of interest and support for RSS feeds. The version for Windows Phone does not live up to the others.


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