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Facebook launches Rooms, and the 90s chatrooms are back in fashion

febrero 9, 2020

A real return to the chats of the past. Invitations, pseudonyms and moderators expected

Rooms _-_ Create_Something_Together

After clothes, technology also becomes vintage.

Those who are not old enough to be a dinosaur and not too young to know only social networks will surely remember thematic chats and message boards of the 90s,one of the main reasons why, for fun or pure curiosity, we ended up on the Internet in fabulousNineties.

Almost 10 years after their disappearance, Facebook wants to bring them back to life on smartphones, and it does so withRooms,the new app designed by 24-year-old JoshMiller, which represents the extreme synthesis between a nostalgic return to consolidated methods of interaction of the past, and a present full of diversifications.


Rooms a 1.0 style digital space in which to be able create rooms to exchange opinions, follow breaking news and to discuss different topics: from the latest news to travel, from cinema to any kind of passion shared with a group of people. Not integrated, but completely independent of Facebook – like all the apps acquired or developed in Menlo Park: Instagram, WhatsApp, Slingshot, Hyperlapse.

Each room will have its own independent url so they can be found on search engines, conversations will be public, but moderators will be able to set topics, set age rules and limits, have direct control over who to admit to discussions and ban unwanted people. It will also be possible to publish texts, photos and videos, to create your own identity choose a different pseudonym for each room, customize the layout with backgrounds, themes and the "Like" button that comesshown below the posts.

Screen 2014-10-24 at 01.46.49

Rooms works by invitation only, so opening a room you will then have to invite people to participate and you can do it through a QR Code.


At least the app available only in England and the United States, but in the near future it should also arrive in Italy. If in the meantime you want to try the app and you have an American account for the App Store, you can download it here.

Certainly not really an innovation, but certainly a gimmick.


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