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Cisco eliminates AppleTalk

febrero 9, 2020

Cisco eliminates AppleTalk – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Matteo Salsilli informs us that from February 1, 2001, those who will achieve Cisco certification, one of the most prestigious in the field of networking, will not be required to carry out laboratory tests that involve the use of the AppleTalk protocol. The study of the protocol remains for the written tests, so basic knowledge will be essential, but on a practical level it will have no relevance. The meaning of this choice? Probably in Cisco they deemed it unnecessary to prepare technicians with deep knowledge of AppleTalk, a protocol that is certainly not very young even if conceptually very interesting. the many facilities of AppleTalk are no longer indispensable while the efficiency of the work itself takes on a critical value; right here that AppleTalk most lacking in performance. In AppleTalk jargon, a "chatty" protocol is defined, that is, it does a lot of network traffic only for service and not for work, so it happens that the performance using this protocol decays a lot. Is this also a sign of the changing times? Maybe yes, but by now most of the network services for our Mac are all on Tcp / Ip, so why complain about it?

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