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Background apps on iPhone?

febrero 9, 2020

Background apps on iPhone? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The new version of the SDK could open the possibility for iPhone support of applications that run in the background. Discovering traces of what could be an interesting turning point for the future of Tuaw mobile programs.

Exploring the code, one of the sources of the site would have reported that the SDK now supports in UIApplication delegates particular methods to designate active and inactive applications and a system to guarantee an application the possibility of gaining or losing the category of active or inactive. . In practical terms and beyond technicalities this in practical terms means that you could write applications that continue to run in the background while another takes over in the management of the human interface. This would potentially be an interesting turnaround for developers and customers; in fact, many applications can be imagined that can only be made useful by turning continuously in the background. Just think, for example, of a Gsm system or a client for instant messaging.

If what Tauw claims were verified and if Apple were to definitively open this possibility, one of the elements of the guidelines for application development would be exceeded, the one where it was said that (for reasons of processor performance and available memory), only to a The application is allowed to run on the iPhone at a time.

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