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At & T offers free Wifi to iPhone users

At & T offers free Wifi to iPhone users logomacitynet1200wide 1

Does At & T offer free Internet access through its Wifi hot spots in the USA? The question is being asked by several Internet sites which I take from what Macrumors readers discovered who verified the possibility of accessing the Internet simply by entering their phone number as a password.

The interesting news because it adds a significant service included in the price of the monthly fee that At & T customers pay with iPhone. It is about having 71 thousand access points available, plus those that are operated in the Barnes & Noble bookstores and Starbucks cafés. A huge network that incredibly facilitates the use of the Internet, the use of Web-based services and the download of mail. All for free.

The Wifi network that iPhones can access in the US and in countries with a vast development of wireless networks represents one of the 'bonuses' that are making iPhone very attractive even beyond cellular networks and in fact makes the fact that iPhone is based on the non-stellar, from the point of view of performance, Edge technology. The fact that it is now free on such a widespread network not only makes the iPhone even more interesting, but it certainly disincentives you to buy the iPhone without a contract and then unlock it. Those who work in this sense would not have the iPhone phone number with At & T and therefore not even Wifi access.

Note that, as MacRumors notes, iPhone recognition occurs through the phone's User Agent which can be easily simulated even on a PC. This means that having a valid iPhone number you can easily use the connection to access the Internet for free using a laptop.

At the moment there is no official press release on the free Wifi service, neither from Apple nor from At & T.

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