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ArchiRuler for easy 2D inside Archicad

febrero 9, 2020

ArchiRuler for easy 2D inside Archicad – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The Cigraph objective which has been taking care of the distribution of Archicad in our country for some time and develops ad hoc tools is to provide ArchiCAD users with additional functions, tailored to the needs of the individual professional, made simpler with Plug technology. In.Cos, after ArchiTerra, for the elaboration of the morphology of the terrain and the architecture of the landscape, and ArchiForma, for the creation of complex three-dimensional shapes, ArchiRuler now arrives, a new extension for 2D drawing that allows you to create constructive details and executive drawings for the construction site in an easy and fast way.The intuitiveness and simplification of ArchiRuler's work, able to combine maximum ease of use with a complex set of powerful functions for the construction and management of two-dimensional drawings, always at inside the ArchiCAD environment, is expressed in the "simple" addition of a palette of functions and commands. ArchiRuler somehow recovers the philosophy of manual work of the designer, grouping the traditional method of pencil sketch and the subsequent ink drawing of the project drawing in two guidelines, "Construction Mode" and "Drawing Mode". The Palette by ArchiRuler, in all 11 main icons and two pop-up menus for choosing the pen, it contains the main tools for managing the various primitives (lines, polylines, arc / circle, polygon, etc.), which can be customized both in the type-line and in the pen. polylines, with a dedicated procedure, allows their simplification, particularly useful in the case of importing drawings from other CAD, but also to significantly reduce processing times and lighten the drawing without affecting the graphic quality of the work. A tool "Inspector ”Allows to display in a simple and effective way all the geometric-quantitative information on the elements of the drawing: the quantities and the characteristics g of the two-dimensional primitives are calculated exclusively by the new ArchiCAD plug-in. The Plug is on sale at L.264.000 at the cigraph site

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