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Apple presses for video on iTunes across Europe?

febrero 9, 2020

Will France be the next country to have a TV show shop? According to Electronic Librela's answer, given that some of the main production studios have granted Apple the right to put their content on sale on its online store.

French production companies, EuropaCorp (Luc Besson's production company) and local branches of Disney and Paramount would have drawn up a contract with Apple. The giants Canal + and F1 would still be on the barricade and would be reluctant to accept the conditions required by Apple. In any case, says Electron Libre, Apple intending to go ahead anyway and to announce the opening of the showcase of films on the iTunes store for France before the end of May.

The launch of a video section in France would not be a big news. Apple has already landed in the United Kingdom and Germany and, traditionally, France is the third largest market in the Old Continent on which Apple has always focused.

Telerama, a magazine specializing in television, cited by Macbidouille, confirms this hypothesis but also adds Apple intending to push the accelerator, soon bringing the video to other European countries. To achieve this, it seems that Apple is intent on leveraging the laws that would guarantee it to obtain a single license in Luxembourg for all the various EU nations, circumventing the complications of authorizations in a national key.

Recall that Apple, on several occasions, has expressed its interest in opening a video section of iTunes for European markets. The president of Apple Europe at the time had also made it known not to despair of being able to do it last year, but the hopes, most likely for the complexity of our markets all related to national companies for the management of copyrights, have been proved wrong. What seems clear that Apple needs video on multiple markets, especially as a driving factor for its hardware: Apple TV, iPod Touch and, soon, even iPhone.

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