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Apple preparing the next generation of Nike + iPod service?

febrero 9, 2020

Apple preparing the next generation of Nike + iPod service? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Given the recent fielding of other competitors, Apple and Nike would be preparing the counterattack on the sports front, through what could be the next Nike + iPod kit.

Given the information traceable in a patent recently filed by Apple, Cupertino would be working on a technology that would not be limited to the simple sensor for counting steps and distance traveled. This time, Apple and Kine would implement new sensors that can record additional information, such as heart rate, body temperature or even hydration level, including the inclusion of a chip for geo-location, so that they can record and accurately monitor the route taken during jogging sessions.

The sensors could also have the possibility to interact with other nearby devices, while an important role would be entrusted to multitouch devices such as iPod or iPhone, which can also be interfaced with the same sensors via voice commands. Finally, the incoming sensors can be used and mounted on many additional accessories, such as arm or head bands, or be fixed on sports equipment, directly on bicycles, rackets or of course inside the shoes, of course, always accompanied by your favorite music.

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