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An Oscar for packaging for Office for Mac

An Oscar for packaging for Office for Mac logomacitynet1200wide 1

The packaging of Microsoft Office 2001 for for Mac was awarded the first prize in the IDEA 2001 (Industrial Design Excellence Awards), the annual competition sponsored by the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) and by the Business Week magazine that rewards the products that stand out for design, functional features and interactive qualities. Microsoft, Landor Associates, Ivy Hill and Radius Product Development collaborated on the development of the reusable colored plastic case in which Office 2001 for Mac was packaged. The design won first prize in the Packaging Structures category of the 2001 edition of the IDEA competition. Compared to the cardboard packaging of most software products, Office 2001 for Mac contained in a decidedly unconventional packaging that can be used to store CD-ROMs or compact discs. "The IDEA jury – reads a statement from Microsoft – wanted, therefore, to reward the packaging design for its reusability and the absence of waste of packaging materials". "Among the products declared reusable, the Office 2001 case offers the greatest possible uses," said Peter Kuttner of Cambridge Seven Associates, juror of the IDEA award. "The designers have created a pack of appearance and consistency similar to the products of the Mac universe, which allows you to store your CDs in addition to that of OEOffice 2001 for for Mac 'and can be easily carried in your bag or briefcase." In preparation for the arrival of Office 2001 for Mac in October 2000, Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit asked its team of designers to create a package that mirrored the innovative and attractive design of Apple Macintosh products such as the new iMac.

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