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Amazon Prime Video presents Ferro: preview of the documentary on Tiziano Ferro

febrero 9, 2020

The unmistakable narrative voice and that of Tiziano Ferro: dedicated to him “Ferro”, the new Amazon Prime Video documentary made in Italy, whose teaser was presented on streaming TV by the online commerce giant.

In sixty seconds of footage Amazon Prime Video publishes a taste of what will be the documentary about Tiziano Ferro. An exciting production, especially for fans of the musician, which will offer viewers a unique and intimate look at his life, affections, passions and his work. To underline the intimate character of this look on the artist's life that the documentary wants to offer are already the first images of the teaser: Titian while in a church making an intimate gesture like prayer.

The documentary – which will be available on Amazon Prime Video from June 2020, collects unpublished films, which tell the preparation of Tiziano Ferro for his new concert tour and the direct testimony of the artist.

Amazon Prime Video presents Ferro: preview of the documentary on Tiziano Ferro

Just a few days ago Amazon Prime Video spoke about Italian productions: three new Italian Amazon Original shows during the Prime Video presents event, hosted on January 23 at the Hotel de la Ville in Rome.

In addition to the documentary Ferro starring the international star of Italian music Tiziano Ferro, there are also the TV comedy series "Vita da Carlo" with Carlo Verdone and "Dinner Club", with the star chef Carlo Cracco. These three productions mark another step forward in Amazon Prime Video's growing investment in Italian television production.

Amazon Prime Video presents Ferro: preview of the documentary on Tiziano Ferro

In Italy we focus on creating fantastic original shows for Prime local customers and we are excited to announce these three new original Amazon Italian productions, "said Georgia Brown, Director of European Amazon Original. On this Macitynet page the complete presentation of the Italian news on Amazon Prime Video.

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