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Active and inactive applications but no multitasking on the iPhone

febrero 9, 2020

Active and inactive applications but no multitasking on the iPhone – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

No multitasking, just a system to control an application in the various operating states of the iPhone. Here is what the part of the code identified by some sites in the penultimate version of the phone's firmware is and which, at this point erroneously, has been indicated as potentially harbinger of the possibility of having multiple programs operating simultaneously.

To point out that things are not exactly this way iPhone Atlas. In practice, a running program, explains the website, can become inactive when the iPhone screen is locked or when another window or pop-up appears superimposed. This is a function already used in the iPhone and does not imply any change in Cupertino's choices regarding multitasking. In this regard, Apple's new documentation on the new SDK also clearly states that "Only one application can run at any given time and no third-party programs can run in the background …"

The background operation of the applications would be an important novelty for the iPhone. Running more than one program at the same time would be a blessing not only for chat programs and instant messages, GPS and all the services that must always remain in operation, but also for a possible future landing of Java on the Apple smartphone. But for now on this, apparently, one can only dream.

Thanks for the report to Luca Nalin

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