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AAPL, the shot

febrero 9, 2020

AAPL, the shot – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the most positive financial weeks of recent times for Apple is about to end, the Cupertino company has in fact recovered almost 10% in the last few days, going up from the $ 20 share to over 23 recorded yesterday. American tech stocks have come back to life thanks to the surge in confidence in a recovery, perhaps even short-lived, benefiting the companies that had been penalized more than others in recent months, including, of course, also Apple. Wall Street has thus seen AAPL shows a + 3.8% of all interest bringing the Cupertino title in view of the highs of the last few months set just below $ 26 and touched shortly after the presentation of the new iBook. iBooks would be one of the reasons for hope of investors who believe, according to some market analysis, that laptops could make a good contribution in the quarter that will end at the end of this month. Now it remains to be seen how the other products will have behaved of the range even if the general feeling that the iMacs are now stopped and that the thrust on the G4 is discreet only in the high-end models while the entry-level ones (such as the 466 MHz) are not very in any case, unless sensational undeniable or positive surprises, they should remain at the current levels at least until the Expo where most analysts await (and demand) important news to once again trust Apple.

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