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Soon a new Palm?

febrero 8, 2020

Soon a new Palm? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Palm, despite the crisis and the prospects that are certainly not thriving in the coming months, is working on a new model of Palm. It would be a mid-range device that will be placed between the 10x series and the 50x series. According to The Register, which launched the indiscretion, the handheld would have the same connectivity system for external devices present on the Palm m105. If the news were founded it would be a step back from the previous statements of the company that had claimed to be addressed to the standardization of the Universal Connector on the m505.Possible that, as The Register always speculates, Palm is willing to offer V and Vx series users a less painful way of updating ensuring compatibility with old peripherals. One of the most interesting aspects will be understanding how the new Palm will place itself in the range. At the moment there is no big difference between the 10x series and the 50x series. In the past, Palm had stated that all new machines released before the end of the year would have the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly. This goal would have been achieved using an integrated system or expansion slot. Since the new Palm should occupy the "spot" of the VIIx series which can connect to the Internet without the use of mobile phones, this could be one of its salient features

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