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Sony buys Gracenote

febrero 8, 2020

Sony buys Gracenote. The purchase by the Japanese giant of the company that deals with identifying the names of the tracks of the songs and the CDs and automatically reporting the various applications and for various services (also in iTunes), was announced tonight.

Gracenote (which was previously also known as CDDB), paid 260 million dollars, will become a subsidiary of Sony and its technologies will be integrated into the company's structures to use them in various areas in the world of digital content. However, Gracenote will remain active and will continue to market its products and develop new initiatives in the field of research and partnerships.

The Emmerville-based company in California has among its customers, as mentioned, Apple that perhaps the main source of income. Each CD inserted in iTunes accesses the Gracenote servers that identify the disc and read the tracks using particular identification codes and then allow iTunes to write the song titles and the CD title on the file digitally. In addition to Apple, Gracenote is also owned by Sony (in the joint venture with Ericsson and in the field of car audio systems), Yahoo, Alpine, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, KDDI, KTF, Musiwave.

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