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On vacation in the US to buy iPhone? Difficult undertaking

febrero 8, 2020

If the many Italians, who taking advantage of the spring bridges, are on vacation in the United States in these days, had decided to combine profit (the days off) with the delight, or the purchase of an iPhone, they would have been disappointed. Several readers of our site who are on the other side of the ocean report that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to get your hands on one of Apple's phones.

The most serious situation occurs in New York, the most frequented of American cities by business and leisure tourism. Since last week, iPhones appear to have disappeared from Apple's three stores, Fifth Avenue, Prince Street and Meatpacking District. There are neither the 8 version nor the 16 MB version. As mentioned a situation that has lasted for days and even if the monitoring was not done on 24 hours and daily (which suggests that some pieces may have appeared on the shelves), you must have been at least lucky to have managed to buy one, since in the last 10 days we have counted 7 reports of "sold out" by people who have wandered, unsuccessfully, between lower and mid Manhattan looking for the phone.

Same situation in some other major American cities. In Miami in the Lincoln Road shop it is not uncommon to find about ten people hunting for cell phones in the store. It is, and here a resident comes to our aid, almost always of foreigners (many Italians) who lately have not had any luck: no iPhones for days. In San Francisco there are many difficulties (the Stockton Street shop without the telephones) and also in Los Angeles it is very problematic to find the cell phone (two sold-out reports one at the shop of The Grove mall and one from Santa Monica). And iPhones weren't available even in Chicago, in the big store on the Magnificent Mile.

The answer given to those who visit the shops and with a bit of disappointment finds themselves running the risk of returning empty-handed that there are no plans for replacement: "We don't know when they will be available again," (which seem to have been precisely trained on the answer to be given).

Apple has admitted in the past few weeks to have difficulty maintaining stocks in its American outlets. The reason, said Tim Cook during the meeting with financial analysts, in the large number of iPhones that are sold, especially in large cities, to foreign customers who buy them for unlocking, causing an imbalance between the calculations implemented on the size and demand of the American domestic market and the real sale, drugged by the fact that precisely for the practice of unlocking, the global market essentially draws almost only from the American market. These are tens of thousands of pieces that Apple had not foreseen by calibrating the forecasts on possible demand but whose calculations were busted by the ease with which it is possible to unlock iPhone today. By way of example, to understand the size of the phenomenon, we are talking about 250 thousand unlocked iPhones active in Russia alone, a few less in Western Europe and 100 thousand in India. Some analysts today adjust the number of iPhones to 50% which are bought and then unlocked. If these unofficial but credible figures were true, in practice on every flight that returns from the USA and goes to any country in the world there is more than one iPhone that is preparing to be unlocked for use on unauthorized networks.

Thanks for the reports to Marco Riceputi, Matteo, Giuseppe Caccina, Roberto Ferrari, Roberto Girino, Gianni, Mario, Simone Pavesi.

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