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Office for iPad, the first step of the new Microsoft strategy

febrero 8, 2020

The new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about the role of the suite on Apple devices and anticipates: only the first step

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft (Photo: AFP / Getty Images)(Photo: AFP / Getty Images)

The suite Office finally lands on the iPad touch screens. The announcement had been in the air for at least a couple of weeks, but now official: the presentation of Word, Excel and company on Apple tablets occurred during the first official appearance of the new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, testifying perhaps how important it is the matter in question for the new course of the Redmond company.A cloud that is not really connected to devices only unexpressed potential, notes Nadella. And so Office 365 lands on the most famous post-PC device ever after more than four years that iPad owners have been waiting for it. And it does it with clean graphics and a rich set of features: the software is not a trivial transposition slapped at best on the 9.7 display, but a coherent and well-engineered experience.

From editing the text to the dynamic layout of the photos, passing through the design of complex graphics and for the operations of review and collaborative sharing in real time, finally arriving at the creation and reproduction of the presentations in Powerpoint. The cameras present at the San Francisco event did not stop a second of strafing shots during the demonstration: a sign that the interest around the topic is and not a little.

How much interest, exactly? A few analysts a few days ago came to quantify it, starting from the assumption (later revealed to be correct) that the suite will be available according to a freemium model that is, anyone can use it free of charge to consult the documents, while the modification and creation operations will be reserved for those who subscribe to an Office 365 subscription. Well, if even only 10% of iPad users should opt for subscription to the service , company revenue would fluctuate between one billion and one and a half billion dollars a year.

Here's unfolding the strategy of the new Microsoft. Office is its most important asset and currently boasts a billion fundamental and profitable users that are available everywhere and to anyone. In addition, it can be used as a Trojan horse, to convince users to let themselves go in the warm embrace of Microsoft services. In this sense, the arrival of the suite on iPad is only the first step, while Microsoft's commitment to bring Office 365 on all the screens (and in particular those, ubiquitous, of Android) just started. Once landed everywhere, its integration with OneDrive, Bing, Skype and the rest of the Redmond galaxy will do everything in its power to convince iOS and Android users to make the leap towards the ecosystem of devices and services set up by Nadella's company.

Clearly Office isn't the only pawn in Microsoft's game. But as for the other highlights, namely Windows and its counterpart for smartphones, the appointment at the Build next week. Here, in addition to the already anticipated presentation of Windows Phone 8.1, the CEO has already promised fireworks.


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