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iPhone Vs iPhone 3G: the impossible comparison on YouTube

febrero 8, 2020

iPhone Vs iPhone 3G: the impossible comparison on YouTube – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The rumors and the attention generated by the iPhone never end: while waiting for the new 3G model, the editorial staff of Applicando, more precisely Domenico Panacea, has come up with a brilliant idea to compare the web browsing performance with the current iPhone, therefore through EDGE, comparing them with the theoretical performances that can be obtained with the new iPhone 3G equipped with HSDPA technology.

The face-to-face comparison available in a short YouTube video that for the convenience of readers we connect at the bottom of this article. The current iPhone can browse the Web using the Internet connection at home or any access point via Wi-Fi and in in this case the performances are more than fair. Things change when data and Internet pages are downloaded directly from the cell phone line, then via GPRS and EDGE.

To simulate the performance of a possible iPhone 3G, Panacea connected a Huawei e172 HSDPA modem to an iMac, then shared the connection via Airport thus making it available via Wi-Fi also to the iPhone. The solution summarized at the beginning of the video. The test page was downloaded and viewed from iPhone in 16 seconds via HSDPA, while the same procedure took 30 seconds via EDGE. This comparison obviously shows the possible performance of the future iPhone, assuming that the latter integrates HSDPA technology.

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