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iPhone only and the craze for Snapseed, the style of Paola Faravelli

febrero 8, 2020

Paola Faravelli a real estate agent with ilpallino of social networks and a passion for photography. He started taking pictures with an Epson car in the late nineties, maximum resolution: 640 X 480: I used it for the real estate agency. Then I switched to Nikon, I bought two Coolpix, the second was an 885. To which I added a lens that acted as a wide angle. So I came to Sony, I had two, the last one an alpha 55, which I mainly use with two lenses, a 50 mm fixed Minolta and a 10:24 Tamron. With the cell phone instead the first photos I produced them with a Nokia 6600, I made a trip to Portugal taking a nice number of really beautiful images, even if the resolution obviously made us want.

In your bio on Instagramwrite: "iPhone only". Confess: have you ever posted a photo on Instagram without an iPhone?

Never! Except a few days ago! One! I put one of Cervo in honor of the hashtag #thegreatbeauty when La Grande Bellezza won the Oscar and many people started posting photos from all over Italy on Twitter. I shot it with the reflex, it seemed right to me.

When did you arrive on Instagram?

There are traces of me since May 2011, but with another account. Then I forgot it existed, until September of the same year, when I started using it seriously.

How did your production evolve?

I don't know if everyone remembers that at the beginning Instagram did not allow you to access the film photos of the iPhone, so it had to be fine on the first shot, or you had to start from scratch. No changes could be made except the filters, which were a real lifeline for certain photos. My favorite filter no longer exists today, it was called Apollo, but I also liked Brannan very much. Now I use the Valencia, L'Bitter, the Mayfair. And, especially in summer, the Walden, which softens the all-too-bright colors of the summer. My first editing app was PhotoStudio. Another app that I fell in love with (not editing), was Hipstamatic, but I got tired soon.

Every morning or almost put a picture of Diano Marina, your small town in Liguria where you live: don't you think of getting bored a bit, and how do you tell different stories when the subject is always the same?

true: every damn morning (except when I'm not in Diano). I don't think I'm bored, because those who follow me know what awaits them, moreover, even if I took pictures from the exact same position, the light always changes, and a different light already means a different story. Rather, I am the one who is bored a little, I would like to use Instagram in a more eclectic way, but now I have given my account to the cause.

Are the photos you put on Instagram published only there or from other parts in different formats?

They are published on my Facebook page, but with another caption. While on Twitter I upload them directly to avoid the problem of the link to open.

One thing you like and one you don't like about Instagram and how it is changing.

It may seem strange, but I like and don't like the same thing, that is the ease with which you can now publish an almost perfect shot. comfortable, but before you had to be much better at seizing the moment, almost as if it were an analog, it gave you greater satisfaction.

Smartphone editing app, which one do you use and which advice?

I am in love with Snapseed. The first time I opened it, with my way of editing by sliding my fingers on the keyboard, I thought: it will never succeed. Now I could no longer do without it.

Tell us more about Snapseed.

As a preset, I like the third style of Vintage, which I use with the whole vertical photo, before cutting it (my own) and to which I almost always remove the texture. While I'm a Drama fanatic, where I try hard not to overdo it, I usually come as filter intensity to a maximum of 60 and I increase the saturation around 5. Then in the tuned image, I apply the atmosphere and I am careful not to be attracted too much by the shadow, especially on gray days apparently saving the photo by illuminating the dark parts, but it tends to make it unreal. I don't like the HDR effect at all.

Do you have a fixed pattern, how do you proceed?

I don't even see if the photo could make sense as it is, first of all I apply Drama. Then it happened that I went back to the origins without using it, but always my first choice.

Why Snapseed the best app?

I am monogamous and habitual, I tried it, I liked it and I stopped there. Sometimes I also use VSCO, but I get lost too much in the various filters. Consider that I shoot edited and placed. My photograph must be online before half past nine.

Any advice, or good practice that you yourself implement regularly.

Always looking for different points of view, for me I have an archive of almost two thousand photos taken in the same two kilometers of beach a mandatory imperative. Learning not to take two thousand images to use one, I consider it a valid exercise to refine the technique. Keep your smartphone within easy reach, as if the most beautiful of photographs could always be waiting around the corner.

In addition to Instagram where do we find your photos on the net? Something not square?

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