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iPhone in India already in September?

febrero 8, 2020

iPhone in India already in September? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone in India? Before the end of 2008. The landing of the mobile phone in the second most populous country in the world is expected in The Business Standard, one of the main Indian financial newspapers.

The online version of the newspaper cites as sources of indiscretion some resellers who would have had the news reliable referrals. We also learn that the model for sale will be 8 GB and that only later, probably in 2009, will the 16 GB version also be offered if the market responds adequately. The service operator is expected to be Vodafone and the launch date the first week of September. Finally, the Indian iPhone, the newspaper said, could be legally unlocked.

Whether the newspaper has really had reliable sources or whether it is just the emphasis and enthusiasm that users of mobile networks are experiencing in India where iPhones are purchased and unlocked in very large numbers, not to know. Of course some details don't seem very convincing; these include the launch of a 16 GB version next year and an 8 GB version in the fall. Unless obsolete models are released on the Indian market, these capacities seem inconsistent with Apple's plans that the 8 GB model may soon be discontinued and 32 GB models will already be available next year. On the other hand, the launch of a single model (when at least two could be available) does not seem very credible, as the agreement with Vodafone which seems to have taken a divergent if not competing path with that of Apple does not seem credible. Finally, the autumn launch in India seems a little too early compared to the plans drawn up by observers according to which the landing in countries where, like in India, there is a large installed base, but also a prevailing attention low-cost telephones, postponed to 2009 if not 2010.

India in any case certainly in the list of countries where Apple wants to bring iPhone. By 2010, the Asian country could have half a billion subscribers to mobile telephone networks and one of those with the highest growth rate for the gross domestic product that rises at Chinese rates. It is no coincidence that India, which is also an English-speaking country and as such quite affordable for Apple's marketing, in the crosshairs of Apple's retail sector which could open in collaboration with some local realities a chain of stores specializing in Mac products.

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