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iPhone in China: between fashion, enthusiasts and clones

iPhone in China: between fashion, enthusiasts and clones logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Chinese know iPhone well and want it even if the particularities of the market could result in too much disappointment for Apple. This is the result of research conducted by Pearl Research by interviewing 450 people online: the main results were published on the RedlineChina website.

Although iPhone not officially sold, in China it is possible to find the smartphone on store shelves thanks to the gray market.

The well-known Apple phone: 68 percent of respondents have already heard of it, while the percentage of those interested in purchasing increases significantly, up to 88 percent, among those who already own an iPod. Women have motivated the interest in the iPhone for aspects related to fashion and design, while men focus on utility.

In the search for, factors that play against the Apple smartphone also emerge, variables that could greatly influence the actual purchase choices. These include the high price and the low interest detected by the people interviewed for the innovative iPhone navigation system. The too high tariffs of local operators for data traffic would discourage this type of application in which iPhone deviates from the average.

As for the high price range, indicated at around $ 500 for the iPhone, the study notes that iPhone fashion has led to the creation of several smartphone clones available at significantly lower prices, $ 200 and $ 300. According to Pearl Research, these clones can negatively impact iPhone sales.

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