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iPhone driving a car

febrero 8, 2020

iPhone driving a car – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone a truly “smart” smartphone to the point of controlling all the functioning of a car. The idea of ​​putting Apple's phone at the helm of Rinspeed, a small Swiss company specializing in tuning serial cars and prototype creations.

The iChange, this is the name of the car that is preparing to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, uses the iPhone to replace the keys and to control the main functions of the alley, including the switching on of the headlights. At iChange base there is a Harman Kardon audio and video system built around a low-consumption Intel processor: among the original aspects there is also a satellite navigator that directs towards the road with less consumption. And speaking of consumption, the car driven by an electric motor and the heating provided by an ethanol system; the roof with solar panels helps to recharge the battery and controls the temperature by operating the fans.

Ecology also dominates the interior (fully customizable) and even in the variable shape of the car. When there is only one driver on board, the rear profiles of the car are modified to make it more aerodynamic.

The work of designer Frank Rinderknecht has the support of the Bundesamt fr Energie, the Federal Ministry of Energy of the Confederation.

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