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iPhone, Apple evaluates the sale "without block"?

febrero 8, 2020

Is Apple planning to end the exclusive contract experience with specific managers, one per country, per iPhone? To listen to what Times On Line writes, which quotes Kathryn Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, the possibility would be under consideration.

The reason why Apple would be considering selling iPhones even in an unlocked version would be in the desire to maximize profits which, at least outside the US, would seem difficult with the current model. 'What they want – Huberty says – does not limit distribution and improve the level of turnover, in practice bringing the best possible platform to the market and selling as many phones as possible. There are many ways to achieve this goal that are not part of the current model. "

In practical terms, the analyst suggests, Apple would attempt to untie the phone from a specific carrier to sell more phones than they sell today and make a profit from iPhone-related services. According to research cited by Times, Apple could complete the turning point within two years because, contrary to what other sources claim, the agreements in force with the phone operators would have a duration of two years and not of five. In the US, the release from the agreement with At & t could therefore take place in June 2009, in England, France and Germany in the autumn of the same year.

The reliability of Morgan Stanley sources is unknown. Of course, what the Times himself cites in support of his predictions about the future iPhone do not seem particularly founded. According to the newspaper, some Asian 'deep throats' would have said that among the possibilities there is also a clamshell iPhone, complete with a keyboard. Given the efforts made by Apple to affirm the concept of touch screen and the tradition of linearity in its offer, the forecast, which in fact would exclude from the iPhone all navigation and multimedia functions as we know them today, seems frankly out of target .

As regards the 3G model, the Times On Line expects that it will have a radically different appearance from the current model and that orders for 200 thousand pieces have already been sent for delivery by the end of May. From June onwards, the pieces to be delivered would become 500 thousand a week.

The Times confirms that the price drop in force in Germany and the United Kingdom due to the fact that the iPhone is not selling as expected, due to an estimate above the sales volume forecast.

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