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Iomega launches the ZIP 100 USB without power supply.

febrero 8, 2020

Iomega launches the ZIP 100 USB without power supply. – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

For some time now, Iomega has been selling a 250 MB version of its zip drive which does not need a power supply and which, like floppy drives, draws its power from the USB socket, but the 250 MB format has not met a so widespread as that of 100 and the writing times of the smaller media are considerably higher: therefore Zip 100 readers have not disappeared from the catalog but rather, offer Iomega the opportunity to launch a new model (expected price around $ 100, available from August) which will be previewed at PC Expo and which will not need bulky power supplies. The external look should be that of the 250 MB model as Iomega says that the thickness will be about half of its predecessor.The Zip format is very popular for the exchange of files in the Mac world even if its field is now the conquest of the CD RW that have reached costs so low as to put in doubts the usefulness of a quickly rewritable magnetic medium.

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