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In the USA, availability problems also for Palm and Rim

febrero 8, 2020

In the USA, availability problems also for Palm and Rim – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

In the United States, availability issues do not appear to be an extension of Apple's iPhone. Alongside Apple's customers, Palm and Rim would also be facing a difficult situation. Information in this regard was collected by Morgan Keegan a market analysis firm.

In addition to the iPhones, the Pearl and the Pearl 8120 would be difficult to find in American stores, the latter expected to arrive for consumer customers only this weekend after the launch occurred some time ago. As for Palm, the Palm Treo 755p that has not been available for a couple of weeks would be missing from the shelves. The phone is expected to be replaced by other models soon, but for now Sprint customers, in whose stores the Treo 755p is offered, are forced to buy the less powerful and complete Centro.

Recall that for about a month there has been talk of reduced availability of iPhones, the cause of which would be a repositioning of the warehouses in view of the launch of new models of the phone, even if Apple yesterday accused too many purchases by customers who wanted to unlock the phone. Over the past few days Apple would have faced, at least partially, the problems by managing to keep the availability levels at discrete levels.

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