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How to live streaming on Facebook from a GoPro camera

febrero 8, 2020

We've already talked at length about how you can stream from GoPro Hero 4 to Periscope, and while Twitter is a good platform, Facebook Live is much more used and will probably allow you to connect to a wider and more personal audience. However, the Facebook app, unlike Periscope, does not support streaming directly from GoPro. If you want to stream live streams to Facebook Live from a GoPro camera, don't worry, because we've got you covered. Read on to know how to use the GoPro camera to broadcast live streaming on Facebook.

To live streaming on Facebook from your GoPro, you will need the GoPro app and an app called Live4, both free. In addition, we have tested this method using GoPro Hero 4, but it should work well with all recent GoPro cameras.

Pairing the GoPro with your phone

You will need to follow the steps below to pair your GoPro to your phone. I am using an iPhone, but all the steps will be the same also for Android, then follow:

1. Start the GoPro app on the phone and touch " Connect your camera ".

2. Select your camera from the list of GoPro cameras on the app.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to pair your GoPro with the phone app, then connect your phone to the camera WiFi. We will allow you to control your GoPro from your phone and use it as a remote viewfinder and more.

Live streaming on Facebook via the Live4 app

Using the Live4 app is by far the easiest method to be published on Facebook from your GoPro and completely free. So here's how to use the Live4 app with your GoPro and live streaming on Facebook:

1. Start the Live4 app and touch the " + "in the bottom toolbar. Live4 will ask you to log into with your Twitter ID or Facebook . Choose Facebook and authorize the application.

2. Live4 will then ask you for a couple of permits, concedili. You will then be redirected to the live streaming screen, with the phone's camera selected as the default. Touch the option "GoPro" and Live4 will begin receiving input from the GoPro camera, provided you have paired your GoPro with the phone. The screen also has options for enter a title for your live stream, so that people can know what it is before they start watching it.

3. Before starting live streaming, touch the " f "bottom right, to enable" Facebook sharing ", and then start streaming live on Facebook. Your live stream will be available on Facebook and people who are allowed to view your posts will be able to watch it.

This is basically all you need to do to be able to stream to Facebook from a GoPro camera. When you authorize the app on Facebook, you can edit the information it receives and you can also change the default audience to which the live streaming will go, to ensure that only the people you want your live streaming to be visible to are those that I am able to watch it. Other customization options are available on the Live4 app, including the ability to share (or not share) your location in live streaming or to make live streaming "Public" or "Private".

Personalize your Live4 experience:

In addition to live streaming on Facebook, the Live4 app it also broadcasts your content live on its network, where other people who use the app are able to watch, comment and comment. You can also watch live streams from other users by going to the app's main screen and tapping on the live stream you want to watch. The app's network is quite active and there is a good chance that you will find someone or the other live on the app, no matter when you check it.

Live4 also saves your live streams as archives, so that you and others can watch them later. In case you want to delete the saved videos, just tap the icon at the bottom right of the toolbar and scroll the video to the left to expose the delete option. Tap this option to delete your video from the app.

If you touch the gear icon at the top right of the screen, you will be able to add automatic labels your live streams, access Live4's support and privacy policies, as well as log out of your Facebook account. However, Live4 does not allow you to stream live unless you are logged in to Facebook or Twitter.

Watch our video on how to livestream on Facebook and Twitter using GoPro:

Enter online on Facebook Live from the GoPro camera

Facebook Live an excellent platform to connect with users and your followers; or to build a following for yourself. Since Facebook has made the Facebook Live API open to third-party developers, more and more apps that allow people to stream on Facebook are growing, and for good reason. The Facebook community is very lively and active. If you had a GoPro and were wondering when you would be able to stream live from your GoPro to Facebook Live, now you know how you can do it. So go ahead and start broadcasting your adventures on Facebook Live from your GoPro.

We would like to know if you have ever lived streaming from your GoPro and how did you do it? What apps have you tried and how has your experience been? Let us know if you know of an app or a method for streaming on GoPro Facebook Live that we may have lost and, in case of problems with the use of the apps mentioned in this article, feel free to send us a line. comments section below.

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