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HomeRF does not give up

febrero 8, 2020

HomeRF doesn't give up – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

There are still those who believe in HomeRF and among these there is also Motorola and this is enough to still arouse some hope for its supporters. The wireless transmission standard, the main competitor of Wi-Fi (used by Airport) seemed to have lost every hope a few months ago when Intel, once its greatest supporter, officially announced the abandonment by embracing Wi-Fi. The news had dragged in a dizzying downward spiral the titles of Proxim that produces the kits and the cards on which HomeRf is based, leaving to believe that its end was near. Instead, here is a lifeline represented by Motorola.The company from Schaumburg said it does not intend to abandon HomeRF for its wireless modems and that it will continue to work on products compatible with that technology. This announcement was enough, corroborated by the silence of other companies such as Compaq and Siemens which it seems, therefore, will continue to support HomeRF too, to arouse some hope. Now there is also talk of the future and the release of a new version of the standard that will increase the speed of data transmission, at this time significantly lower than that of Wi-Fi. The negative impression.Wi-Fi counts on the unconditional support of real network giants such as Lucent Technologies, Cisco Systems, 3Com. Computer manufacturers who use WI-FI in many cases (such as Apple) have released hundreds of thousands of compatible devices, data that seem to make its position unshakeable. Add to this that for the day HomeRF managed to reach 10 Mbps per second in terms of data transmission speed, WI-FI could be at 22 Mbps which would cut any competition. The battle, therefore, as a Yankee Group analyst Karuna Uppal says, could end before consumers can get confused in buying wireless products for home networks, before the need to have wireless home connection systems can become a common need.

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