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Google has released 3 apps that fight smartphone addiction

febrero 8, 2020

Envelope makes you put your cell phone in an envelope, while Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch show how much you are using it

smartphone addiction app)(Photo: Google)

Three applications that target Google are landing on Google Play fight smartphone addiction. There are three experimental software that follow closely those seen last October and which are collected in the collection Experimenting with Google.

The first application is called Envelope or envelope and why soon said. On first use, you will be asked to print a sheet from a pdf file and fold it according to the instructions. You will get this a case inside which to insert the smartphone to limit activity. Specifically, you can extrapolate it only to answer or make calls or to take photos, no social media, instant messaging or games. For now it only works with Pixel 3a, but for sure the compatibility will be expanded. Envelope's claim turns the phone into a calmer and simpler device.

The second app Activity Bubbles or activity bubbles and also in this case the name was not chosen at random because the software goes to accurately show the daily use of the device. Each release will add a bubble in the background and the more you persevere the more the bubbles will become numerous and large, so that you always have a clear visual reference to what you are combining.

The third app also reveals its function by name. Screen Stopwatch accurately highlights how much time you spend looking at the display every day with a counting in hours, minutes and seconds which occupies the whole background making it impossible not to be conscious when you are exaggerating.

Of course all three applications are free although compatibility may be limited at launch (also for Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch). In addition to Google, Apple also tries to limit the excessive use of the iPhone and iPad since iOS 12.


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