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Google deactivates Chrome apps because nobody used them

In June 2022 the definitive death of a project that never really took root

chrome app(Photo: Google)

Google makes it official stop the Chrome app project which, honestly, never really took root. The shutdown will be gradual from today to June 2022 when the initiative can be considered definitively defunct. Given the limited success it was more than expected that this day would come, but surprising that in addition to Windows, MacOs and Linux, the operating system based on Google's browser will also be affected, or Chrome Os.

The stop to the three major operating systems had already been anticipated even in 2016 with the developers who started to turn their gaze and effort elsewhere. Four years later, when just 1% of users used Chrome apps, the finished word. Difficult to call it a painful loss.

The table says that in March 2020 new apps will no longer be accepted on the internal market (Chrome Web Store), in June 2020 support for Windows, Mc and Linux will end, in December 2020 support will also end for those who had subscribed to the Chrome Enterprise plans and Chrome Education Upgrade (professional and educational respectively). In June 2021 it will be the end of life shift for NaCI, PNaCI and Ppapi api, but above all the support on Chrome Os will end which will continue for a year only for – once again – the subscribers of the above mentioned professional and educational programs. So, in June 2022 the tombstone will be lowered.

What will change in practice Who are those Chrome apps still using for real? Nothing special because many of those services are already available as normal web apps from any browser. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the so-called progressive web apps that use a cache on the device to have some features available even if you are not connected to the network.

Chrome apps will then become a new component in the very broad Google cemetery, which had recently welcomed Hire, Project Tango, Plus and Hangouts.


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