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Discounted iPhone, sold out from Carphone Warehouse

Discounted iPhone, sold out from Carphone Warehouse logomacitynet1200wide 1

Discounted iPhones are snapped up. What was immediately understood unofficially from the first moments (to the point that someone wrote that the excitement was such that it seemed that it was in the early days of the launch of the telephone) is now officially confirmed by Carphone Warehouse, the specialized chain in mobile telephony which in the UK assists 02 in the sale of the iPhone.

In a message sent to Tradedoubler affiliates (a network that provides advertising to Internet sites), Carphone Warehouse invites those who have chosen to give visibility to the 8 Gb iPhone at a reduced price, to eliminate the banners because the stocks are finished.

Rumors to be verified but which now seem completely reliable had spoken of a multiplication by 20 of the sales volume with an iPhone number ten times higher than that of the most popular Nokia phones sold, in addition, at heavily subsidized prices.

Carphone Warehouse points out that at the moment there is no forecast for a recovery of stocks, which would leave us to imagine that the 8 GB model, at least at the British retailer, is destined to never return if the rumors of a launch now not true were true too far from the 3G model.

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