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Cinergy Common Interface Terratec on USB: works on SAT, DTT payperview and Mac

febrero 8, 2020

Terratec has been marketing for some time a DVBS receiver for the reception of the satellite signal without, (unlike the EyeTV 310 model by Elgato) a Common Interface port for the connection of a CAM (a sort of PCMCIA card that can accommodate the cards prepaid or subscription to operators such as Sky, Premiere and many others around the world).

Until now, those who wanted to subscribe to a paid satellite service had to resort to ElGato hardware and had no upgrade path towards satellite pay TV.

But Elgato, which produces the software (in full version) with which all Terratec TV receivers are equipped, has not been left behind in recent months: as soon as the Common Interface on USB became available on the market, it implemented a driver for the device to be integrated into the version 3.0.2 of the software that will be released in the coming weeks.

dvb s and mac mini

Thanks to Terratec and Elgato, Macitynet was able to try both the Common Interface on USB in combination with the DVBS model, and the preview of the new EyeTV software, as well as a combination with a Digital Terrestrial receiver that should allow the use of the cards prepaid Mediaset (Mediaset Premium and new thematic channels at 8 Euros per month) and La7.

Satellite receiver and Common Interface all on USB 2The complete review and the results can be found online during the weekend: in the meantime we can anticipate that the Terratec Satellite receiver, together with the 3.0.2 version of EyeTV, the Common Interface on USB, a CAM that supports the encryption system and finally a prepaid card of a European operator it works very well and allows without problems to access both the vision and the recording of programs transmitted via satellite, both in clear and encrypted.

Obviously we are talking about operators who allow the purchase of CAM with non-proprietary decryption protocols (such as IRDETO, Nagravisione and others) and regularly purchased cards.

For Sky Italia, even if there are CAM technically capable of reading the original cards and showing you channels and allowing their registration (with NDS Mediaguard Coding) the operation considered illegal as Sky has not licensed the decryption technology to third parties.

Cinergy CI and Satellite Receiver

And for paid digital terrestrial?With Cinergy CI, EyeTV 3.0.2 and any DTT receiver (of Terratec, Elgato and other brands compatible with the "full" version of the software) it is necessary to use a SmarDTV CAM. The CAM in question for, at least at first, will not be sold individually but will be combined with new televisions certified by DGTVi.

The CAM you see below in the photos below can still be extracted from your new TV and inserted into the Cinergy CI and, after inserting one or more cards (on the CAM there is a standard smart card and one in SIM format) you can proceed viewing the paid events of Mediaset, LA7 and the operator Pangea.

Thanks to Terratec Macitynet managed to test the CAM during a weekend and to report the operation on Mac OS X platform.

Waiting to show you all the screens we can confirm that Terratec Cinergy CI, Elgato 3.0.2 work perfectly in combination with the Mediaset Premium card (rechargeable from 30 Euros with 25 Euros of visions) and not only … SmarDTV also works with the " old ”series of Samsung's M86 TVs that have a CI player on board.

A first image gallery that acts as a guide to activation, booking programs and results on Mac can be found on this Macitynet page. Looking forward to try the CAM also with the services of La7.

Dvb s and mac mini

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