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ChildKey, for children.

ChildKey, for children. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Everyone thinks as they think about the usability of the big network: either without any limit of freedom or thinking of protecting minors from a series of topics not pertinent to that age. If you belong to this second category it might be interesting to know that there is a system called ChildKey which, in addition to having a series of features that we are going to describe, is very interesting because it is developed entirely on the Mac platform and then because it is Italian (from the Brescia-based GestWeb). protection of minors who surfed the web and initially started on Mac OS but then immediately converted to Mac OS X as soon as this made its appearance, distributing the first copies to developers since last year.Adopting a distinct authentication system between adults and minors, through a single connection you connect, respectively, without restrictions or with limitations defined by parents (who but sometimes they would do a better service, to their offspring and to the nascent society, with a more constant presence alongside their children rather than always delegating everything, ndFMZ) .What controls are possible towards the minor (who is however warned from the beginning, this is not a subtle operation)? Carry out any type of filter (parsing, antivirus, etc.); send the age 'or tag-age' of the minor to all the sites requested by the same; check the existence of the ChildKey metadata; check the existence of the RSAC standard metadata; check the connection times set by the adult account in Parental Control; create all the part relating to Parental Control that allows you to check the reports of the sites visited by minors, determine the level of accuracy of the Parsing, determine the time slots for possible connection of the minor and determine the duration of the connections. are forwarded, without personal data, to the Safety World Wide Web Onlus, for the purpose of informing all the sites in the reports, which have been visited by a minor and consequently to inform them of the ChildKey system, inviting them to acquire ChildKey metadata. GestWeb offers the service for free (on an experimental basis) in Brescia, families, after registering on the site, can start surfing by connecting via the dedicated Brescia pop. Everything runs on Mac OS X Server 1.2 while ChildKey is for Mac OS X 10.0.x.

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