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Bang with Friends, the most active Italian users in Europe

febrero 8, 2020

According to data released by the popular dating app (which is now called Down), Italians are the most "hot" among Europeans

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<p><strong>Italians do It Better?</strong> At least according to the official statistics released by Down, the online dating service known until recently as <strong>Bang with Friends</strong>. The year-end figures are clear: the Italians who find a compatible partner on Down are <strong>twenty times more than the average</strong> European. And at least 90% of these "matches" end with an intense exchange of messages.</p><div class=

The app, available for free for Android and iOS, works like this: first enter your Facebook credentials, and then indicate who your friends (or friends of your friends) are with whom you would like a little escapade –option "Get down" –or a real relationship – "get date". The interesting thing that the people you choose will learn about your decision only in case of mutual interest, in order to guarantee privacy and avoid bad looks.

But also in this case the Belpaese stands out from the rest of Europe: compared to German and English colleagues, we Italians choose the romantic date option much more than hit and go represented by the "get down". Or at least in the case of boys, since they are Italian women, as many as 66%, to be looking fora fleeting adventure and without commitments, in the face of the stereotype that wants them to be chaste and traditionalist.


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