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Android's Airrop is coming: here's how it will work

febrero 8, 2020

Nearby Sharing will finally allow quick and easy file sharing regardless of the manufacturer

Nearby Sharing(Photo: Xda-Developers)

It has been talked about for years, but finally Android's answer to Apple's Airdrop ready. The tentative name Nearby Sharing, which can be translated as "Condision in the vicinity" and star of a video showing how it works in what appears to be a beta version, which could be a prelude to the carpet launch during 2020.

That Airdrop is one of the functions most envied by Android users to iPhone not a novelty, many manufacturers have prepared proprietary solutions such as Huawei Share or Quick Share from Samsung and there are three major Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo who are preparing their proposal. For a short time it had been possible to take advantage of Android Beam (now discontinued), but since then a universal function has been clamored, which is not independent of the brand of the device.

First known as Fast Share, Nearby Sharing finally seems to be the move prepared for the Os of the green robot, as demonstrated by a test version at the center of a test on Xda-Developers by the user quinny899. How does it work? Basically like Airdrop, albeit for now with an additional step.

In the movie you can see how the exchange of documents took place between a Pixel 2 Xl and a OnePlus 7T that is, two of the devices that first switched to the new Android 10 version. Further tests have also given positive results with the latest Pixels 4. The hypothesis that – once activated – Nearby Sharing will be open to all Android smartphones compatible with Google Play Services. Something that for the moment cut out Huawei, because of the well-known ban.

The system relies on wi-fi for the transfer, therefore, the wait will be rather short and completely comparable to that of Airdrop. The files are saved by default in a special folder called Nearby Sharing within the photographic collection. Even though it already appears to be in an advanced stage of development, Nearby Sharing may still require a bit of a wait it could gradually debut from models with Android 10 down. We just have to wait for the official announcement.


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