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AMD announces two new series of video cards: R7 & R9

febrero 8, 2020

AMD has officially announced its new range of video cards, which covers all price ranges.AMD


The entire line of video cards announced by AMD, which goes from the models entry-level to top of the range, led by the R9 290X, the fastest video card ever produced by the famous hardware manufacturer, mainly for PC. This new range of graphics cards proposed by AMD ends with the R7 250X, a modestly priced graphics card 89 dollars.

The new top of the range AMD, that is the above mentioned R9 290X, the first video card with technologyTFLOPS 5, marking an eleven percent increase compared to the TFLOPS 4.5 technology proposed by Nvidia on its top of the range, ie on the Nvidia Geforce Titan. In addition the AMD R9 290X has a memory bandwidth well 300 GB / s, which allows him to use over 100 layers of complex effects for renderingall in real time. It can also generate 4 billion triangles thanks to its geometric motor. To do all this, the card marked AMD use approx 6.2 billion transistors. The card, which can boast an enviable physical appearance, a model dual-slot with a wide fan at the top and which, through various grooves, allows perfect air circulation. The top of the range AMD has two 6-pin pin slots, and an 8-pin auxiliary power input. Besides, it has two doors Dual-link DVI with a Displayport and an entrance HDMI standard, not presenting for on the connectors for the CrossFirand (connectors used very often on video cards by AMD).amdrad_r9_290x_birdseye_rgb_24in-614x345 "src =" "width =" 300 "height = -hash = "548220973" onload = "pagespeed.CriticalImages.checkImageForCriticality (this);" data-pagespeed-lsc-url = " 614x345-300x168.jpg "/></p>
<p>We have received few details regarding the chip inserted inside the <strong>R9 290X</strong> from <strong>AMD</strong>, but we hope to have more information on the top of the range soon <strong>AMD</strong>, and on all the other cards that are part of the series <strong>R9</strong> and the series <strong>R7</strong>. We focused this article on <strong>R9 290X</strong> as we do not yet have enough information about the other cards announced by <strong>AMD</strong>, but we hope to receive soon details and technical specifications regarding the whole series of the new graphic cards of <strong>AMD</strong>.</p>
<p>We thank you for reading the article and below are the likely prices of the new video cards announced by <strong>AMD</strong></p>
<li><strong>R7 250 – <$ 89</strong></li>
<li><strong>R7 260X – $ 139</strong></li>
<li><strong>R9 270X – $ 199</strong></li>
<li><strong>R9 280X – $ 299</strong></li>
<li><strong>R9 290X ////</strong></li>
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